Selling Bozeman Real Estate

The Challenges of Moving
Moving has never been an easy task. It involves a lot of things to consider like saying goodbye to your friends, packing up, cleaning the house and, of course, selling your house.  We are here to help you and answer any questions you have.  We are experts about all things Bozeman and Livingston Montana.  Whether its looking for the phone number to a utility company to finding a good local contractor to build or remodel, we can help you with the details.

Preparing Your House and Yourself
Selling your home can feel overwhelming, but don’t fret not because Nancy Oakes will be there to assist you the entire way! Having been a successful broker for 28 years and a professional realtor licensed in Montana, she is the right person for the job and all the local knowledge about the market you’ll need to help make the right decisions.

I will provide you a list of certain documents that you may need during the negotiations, I will also determine a realistic and competitive price of your house based on its amenities, location and condition.

When those things have been settled, it is time for you to provide a Property Condition Disclosure Form. Since January, 1996, most sellers of one-to-four family residential homes are required to provide potential buyers with a completed and signed Property Condition Disclosure Form. Failure to provide this form will result in a monetary credit to the buyer at closing.  

It Is All About What You Want
A potential buyer’s offer generally includes the following information: the amount he is willing to pay, the date when he could move into his future Bozeman house, property that will be included or excluded when he buys the house, contingencies, building and pests’ inspections, and mortgage amount, if applicable.

Once an offer has been made, the both of you will assess its terms and conditions.  If the offer is not acceptable for any reason you can make a counteroffer and give the buyer a chance to modify their offer.  Its not uncommon to have multiple offers and counter offers.

When both parties reach a consensus, you and Nancy will then take care of the contingencies’ progress to meet the deadline.

The closing will consist of both parties signing certain documents, the buyer receiving the house keys, and of course the good part... you getting the money in return. The paperwork will be filed with the local property records office. Some of the money you have received will be used to pay off the seller’s existing mortgage and other fees during the transactions.

Goal Achieved
Congratulations! You have sold your house! The negotiations may be finished, but Nancy is still available to help you in the Bozeman real estate business. This is just one part of the excellent service we pride ourselves in giving our customer’s. For more information on staging and listing your specific Livingston or Bozeman Montana real estate, visit our offices or contact us today!